What is visualisation? Visualisation is the ability to see or form images in your mind. It is like watching a movie but it happens to play in your mind. It is usually an image of a future event. In your mind, you can see, hear, feel and smell. Almost everyone has visualised before, but most did it unconsciously. If you have never tried it before, below is a scenario that you can start with.

Close your eyes and imagine seeing yourself on stage, sitting at the piano, playing to a full house at Carnegie Hall. It is your own solo recital and you give a flawless and amazing performance. Feel the happiness and pride when the appreciative audience gives you a thunderous applause and a 5 minute standing ovation. See yourself standing on stage, grinning from ear to ear, soaking in all the attention, your heart filled with joy and glory. See your parents sitting in the audience. See them brimming with pride and clapping till their hands are red and swollen. Hear the applause. Hear shouts of “Bravo”. Hear cameras clicking away. Feel the heat from the stage lights. Feel your perspiration dripping down your face. Smell the bouquet of flowers you are holding.

You can create your own scenario. It’s up to you to decide what you want.

Visualisation is very important before one goes on stage for a performance, or before going into the exam room. You can do it a few days before or on the day itself. Its up to you. It works differently for different people.

You can also use visualisation to practice your instrument. Instead of physically playing a piece, read the score like how you would read a book, hear the piece and feel the expressions and emotions in your mind. In short, hear and see the piece in your mind as how you would play it physically. The moment you have a very clear mental idea of the piece, it will be much easier for you to execute it. Many successful performances are results of visualisation. It not only works for music, it also works for other areas of your life too.

Make visualisation a part of your life and you will soon see how much more you can achieve. Good luck!